Hello, We Are babblebox

The ground-breaking app designed by parents for parents

There is a lack of support for men, with a large portion experiencing depression or anxiety during or after their partner’s pregnancy

Everyone’s parenting journey is different because we are all different.

This life-changing experience can be uplifting, lonely, mind-blowing and sometimes frightening and we all need support in managing the good and bad times. We are passionate about providing that support.

Our innovative app aspires to CONNECT and EMPOWER all parents, whatever their circumstances through:

Collaborative problem solving
Shared experiences (advice, stories, ideas)

babblebox is inspired by our own parenting journey as well as by other mums and dads who feel there is a lack of genuine and real-time support at local community level. babblebox fills that gap. By connecting parents in local communities to share ideas, stories, advice and information. This fantastic app is a dedicated ‘one-stop-shop’ solution helping us all to navigate the challenges of parenting together.

With exciting features including:

Real-time chat
Community notice-boards
Meet ups
Buy & sell, freebies
and much more, babblebox enables you to talk to real people about what you are going through, rather than resorting to countless, conflicting online articles for information and advice. A friendly and supportive ear is sometimes all we need. Friendships will be made, and new communities of likeminded people will be forged. This is an app for everyone:
Aspiring parents
New parents
Experienced parents
Whatever your individual circumstances, babblebox and its community will be there for you. No-one needs to walk the path of parenting alone again. We welcome you, with open arms to babblebox and, look forward to connecting with you as we walk the path of parenting together.

Malgorzata D'Cruz, Founder

The scenarios all aspiring parents and current mum and dads will face are as unique as their child. Trying to conceive and then having a child is a huge adjustment and a learning curve – this is completely normal, unavoidable and will most likely continue beyond early-years.

We have heard the cries from other parents, who feel that their is a lack of genuine information/advice with a community feel and real-time support provided by other platforms and websites currently, so we created a purpose built product with these needs in-mind.., wanting to help all aspiring parents and mums & dads through their parenting journey, by allowing them to connect with other parents locally in their community to share experiences and information via a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust

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Conrad D'Cruz, Founder

Cheeki Chap Limited was formed in 2019 by my wife and I, and named after our first son (who is the cheeky chap in our lives). After having him two years ago, our parenthood journey has inspired a series of small ideas which we have included into an all inclusive one, we have called babblebox.
Whilst everyone has advice for wannabe parents and new parents, from conflicting noise in the media down to people in our most intimate circles, the most helpful exchanges are the ones where parents are encouraged to share how things are going, and in-return hear a similar story and receive first hand advice. babblebox is the community platform that delivers this to every parent.